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“SKYWARN Storm Spotter Training Class to be Held”

HORSEHEADS – The Chemung County Fire and Emergency Management Office, in cooperation with the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Chemung County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CCARES), is once again sponsoring a SKYWARN Storm Spotter Training Class.  CCARES is vital to our community’s observation and reporting to the National Weather Service.

SKYWARN training is open to anyone that has an interest in weather and has a desire to help in this public service effort.  The training will be held Tuesday, April 29, 2008, at the Horseheads Village Fire Department, which is located at 134 North Main Street, in Horseheads beginning at 7:00PM. Registration begins at 6:45.

SKYWARN is a partnership between the National Weather Service and the community, designed to help reduce the threat from severe weather. The key element of this partnership is a network of volunteer non-NWS personnel ("storm spotters") who relay reports of severe weather to the NWS.  Even with today's new technology at our disposal, only one instrument can detect severe weather phenomena directly with absolute certainty, the human eye.  A large network of spotters can be a great benefit to the NWS warning program.

The SKYWARN training is a part of the StormReady program requirements. The StormReady program is a voluntary program offered by the National Weather Service which provides guidelines to emergency managers on how to improve their hazardous weather operations. Chemung County has completed all the program requirements and has been designated a StormReady community since 2004.

The basis for, and/or verification of, many severe weather warnings, issued by the NWS, may be directly attributed to SKYWARN storm spotters.  Their reports are considered highly credible by NWS personnel, and are regarded highly.  They assist the NWS in performing its top mission, which is to prepare and distribute warnings and forecasts of impending severe weather. 

SKYWARN Storm Spotters help to provide the citizens of their community with potentially life-saving information. In the training class, information will be presented on many aspects of severe weather including the various types of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, lightning, flooding, and Storm Spotter safety precautions.  Also, the spotters will be trained on what information to report back to the NWS.

For additional information on SKYWARN visit their website at

For additional information on the StormReady program, visit NOAA/NWS's StormReady Program Website at

For more information on the SKYWARN training contact the Chemung County Fire and Emergency Management Office at 737-2096.

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