Thursday, September 21, 2017

cartier love bracelets replica

Recently, Princess Kate and Prince William opened a trip to Paris, every day constantly changing Kate, jewelry and watch is quite quite love, in addition to the sapphire ring, there are standard Cartier blue balloon watch And Trinity series earrings and necklaces, these pieces of a single product in the past with a high rate of appearance is also high. In fact, not only Kate on Cartier is very favorite, the princess and princess also put it down, you can say that the classic Cartier bracelet, they are a hand.

If you have a little understanding of the history of Cartier, it will be "European royal royal jewelers," the title is still fresh, it is in the royal family status is indeed important, fine royal crown and antique jewelry are from a lot of Cartier, but in addition to these high-end series, its classic series and nowadays popular series is also the princess and princess's favorite, such as Love series, Juste un Clou series, Trinity series, Tank series, etc., simply contracted the entire European royal family ring.

To say that Ma Si pure favorite luxury jewelry brand, it must be cartier. Just recently, she had just photographed a set of portraits for Cartier, the photo she was wearing a black sweater, strapless style and chest lace design revealed vaguely sexy lazy.

And the most compelling, but also count her hands wearing three Cartier Love bracelet replica, on the three simple bracelet, add up to the total price of 300,000, it really is more luxurious jewelry highlights the identity of the film.

At the 53th Golden Horse Awards, Ma Si-chun used to match the jersey jewelry still choose Cartier, and are quite "weight" style, whether it is geometric earrings, rings, or Maillon Panth¨¨re chain bracelet, are Is a full diamond style, expensive, extremely luxurious, set off her elegant and elegant, like "goddess grows into a long time."

These days you want to keep in Paris fashion week, but do not forget, Paris not only fashion week, there are senior jewelry show! As the French national treasure jewelry brand Cartier in the Paris week during the grab big fashion big thunder - grand launch of their latest high-level jewelry series, one of the most notable is no longer just joined the "Cartier Garden" cactus series, no Thorns are still Meng, I doubt that they see the "false" cactus! YOKA editor with you direct the exhibition site, enjoy the unique charm of cartier bracelet:

For the trekking in the desert, the cactus is their "flower of life", for them to bring hope of survival. And Cartier is to capture this, vigorously launched Cartier love jewelry, this century-old jewelry looks seem too "alternative" choice, but it is inventive for us to bring a new aesthetic ideas.


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