Saturday, November 18, 2017

Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Makes It Easy To Recycle!

It is not necessary to sort recyclables into multiple bins.  Recyclables are separated  in a state-of-the-art recycling facility.

Click here to see how Single Stream Recyling works.

The Lake Street Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will accept the following materials for recycling:

Clean Boxboard (shoe boxes, cereal boxes)
Office Paper (white and colored)
Newspapers (please don't put them in plastic bags)
Junk Mail
Envelopes (manila and regular)
File Folders
Computer Paper
Post It Notes
Card Stock Paper
Aluminum Cans
Tin Cans
Glass Bottles and Jars
Plastic Bottles #1 -7

Not Acceptable:

Food Waste
Plastic Bags (return them to the grocery store)
Printer Cartridges (toner or inkjet)
Cell Phones
Computers or other electronics

Any questions contact Casella or your hauler.

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