Monday, October 23, 2017


“Shared Highway Services Takes Next Step”

Elmira – Michael Edwards, Highway Services Board Chairman and Town of Horseheads Supervisor, along with Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli, City of Elmira Mayor John Tonello, Town of Elmira Supervisor David Sullivan, Elmira Heights Mayor Margaret Smith, and Horseheads Village Mayor Donald Ziegler announced today the formation of the Consolidated Urban Highway Service Area (CUHSA).

By signing the CUHSA Shared Services Agreement the represented municipalities acknowledge the mutual benefits of collaborative efforts for providing highway services to their respective communities and the importance of taking this next step. This CUHSA Coordinating Council will establish a sub-committee comprised of Highway Superintendents to evaluate further options and opportunities for sharing highway services in order to produce additional cost savings and efficiency while increasing the quality of common highway services for the municipalities.

The representatives of the CUSHA agree that Chemung County and its municipalities have been working cooperatively for many years pursuing the sharing of highway services. This agreement lays the groundwork for further collaboration with the goal of maintaining quality services while also lowering delivery costs and saving tax dollars.

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