Sunday, October 22, 2017


“Chemung County Unveils New Public Safety Radio Communication System"

Southport- At a press conference held today, Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli and Mark Cicora, Office of Fire and Emergency Management Director, joined by local fire department members, unveiled the recently completed Public Safety Radio Communication System.  The $8.4M project was completed over a period of four years and will greatly enhance notification and emergency communications for all fire personnel throughout the County.

The project was completed with $6M in Federal and New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services grant funding and includes the addition of six new tower sites and upgrades to existing towers which will provide full communication coverage to all localities in the County. New equipment was also purchased to upgrade the dispatch consoles at the E911 Communications Center. In addition, 569 mobile and portable radios and 852 pagers were purchased to equip the 21 fire departments within the County.

The press conference included a demonstration of the system and a tour of the new Kinner Hill Road tower and equipment.

Said Tom Santulli, “This project has been a major undertaking. It was vital to upgrade our outdated and substandard low-band communication system to this state-of-the-art digital high –band system for the safety of our residents.”

Said Mark Cicora, “While responding to one of our resident’s call for help, this newly constructed fire radio system will ensure reliable emergency radio communications for all the fire departments in Chemung County.  Many locations across the county have traditionally had poor or non-existent radio coverage for our fire personnel with which to communicate with each other and with the 911 center in times of an emergency.  I wish to thank Mr. Santulli and the County Legislature for their foresight and providing the necessary resources to complete this enormous project.”

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