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Town of Big Flats Announces 2016 DPW Work Program

BIG FLATS - The Town of Big Flats’ Department of Public Works is pleased to announce its 2016 work program. This year’s program makes use of Town forces, contracted labor, and shared services.

Planned work includes a culvert replacement, drainage and general maintenance projects, oil and stone projects, overlay and mill & fill projects, and full depth reclamation projects. Funding comes from a variety of sources, including New York State (Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, PAVE NY, and Marchiselli Program), the federal government (Federal Highway Administration), and the Town budget.

Mill and Fill (M/F) road projects remove the top 2-3 inches of asphalt and replace it with a new asphalt wearing course. Mill and Fill roads have 10 years added to their life with routine maintenance.

Asphalt Overlay (OL) projects add a new wearing surface to the road, providing improved vehicular traction and rideability, while extending the life of the roadway up to 7 years.

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) road projects involve a process of grinding and reclaiming the old road surface, injecting an asphalt emulsion and recompacting it in place to serve as a new sub-base. The roads are then overlaid with hot-mix asphalt binder and layers of oil and stone, or just layers of oil and stone, depending on the traffic volumes. This process adds 12-15 years of life with routine maintenance.

Surface treatments such as oil and stone (OS) rejuvenate the roadway with new asphalt emulsion and a layer of stone, sealing the surface against water intrusion, and adding some structural life to the road. Oil and stone treatments add 4-7 years of life to the roadway. A slurry seal (SS) uses a mix of Portland cement, fly ash, small aggregate, and asphalt emulsion to seal and extend the life of an asphalt roadway by 3-4 years. A cape seal (CS) is a combination of an oil and stone pavement treatment with a slurry seal or micro-pave overlay. It will extend the life of an asphalt roadway by 3-4 years.

Work is already underway at several locations. The Town’s Department of Public Works also plans to complete patching and repairs of other roadways throughout the Town. In some areas, we will be using a paver-applied emulsified asphalt sand-mix (SM). Our planned work is subject to change based on weather, equipment, and funding.

As always, please drive carefully through work zones, and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Please call the Department of Public Works at (607) 562-8443 ext. 224 with any questions, or visit our roadwork webpage at Updates to our roadwork schedule can also be found on the webpage.

                       2016 Town of Big Flats DPW Work Program

Culvert Capital Improvements Program
Curren Road – Replace culvert near SR352 (Deferred from 2015)

Surface Treatments
Bennett Road – SR225 to Far Rockaway (O&S)
Barnes Hill Road (O&S)
Breed Hollow Road (O&S)
Curren Road (O&S)
Davenport Road (O&S)
Eacher Hollow Road - lower section (O&S)
Kneale Road (O&S)
Leach Hill Road (O&S)
Markle Hollow Road (O&S)
Olcott Road North (O&S)
Owen Hollow Road (O&S)
Reasor Hollow Road (O&S)
Kahler Road North (O&S)
Shady Knoll Drive (Patching + O&S)
Woodside Drive (SS)
Suburban Drive (SS)
Miller Street (SS)
Longwell Avenue (SS)
Foothill Drive (SS)
Green Valley Drive (SS)
Hammond Street (SS)
Heritage Lane (SS)
Hickory Street (SS)
Eagle View Drive (SS)
Cardinal Lane (SS)
Cardinal Road (SS)
Carson Drive (SS)
Church Street (SS)
Brookside Circle (SS)
Woods View (CS)

Highway Paving and Resurfacing Program
Hillview Drive (M/F)
Barnes Hill Road - Upper Section (M/F)
County Line Drive (OL)
Barnes Hill Road - Lower Section (OL)

Full-Depth Reclamation
Riverwood Drive (FDR + OL)
Bennett Road - from Far Rockaway (FDR + O&S)
Brown Road (FDR + O&S)
Far Rockaway Road (FDR + O&S)

Extensive Patching or Sand-Mix Application
Pine Forest Drive (SM)
Mount Saviour Road (SM)
Beers Hill Road (EP)

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