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County Releases 2016 DPW Work Program

Chemung County - The Chemung County Department of Public Works is pleased to announce its 2016 work program. This year’s program makes use of County forces, contracted labor, and shared services, having a total value of approximately $5,500,000.

Work includes bridge and culvert replacements and rehabilitations, drainage projects, general maintenance, oil and stone projects, paving projects, and full depth reclamation projects. Funding comes from a variety of sources, including New York State (Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, PAVE NY, and Marchiselli Program), the federal government (Federal Highway Administration), and Chemung County. PAVE NY Funds have been allocated, but we have not received confirmation of reimbursement procedures. This could create a delay in some projects.

Mill and Fill road projects remove the top 2-3 inches of asphalt and replace it with a new asphalt wearing course. Mill and Fill roads have 10 years added to their life with routine maintenance.

Asphalt Overlay projects add a new wearing surface to the road, providing improved vehicular traction and rideability, while extending the life of the roadway up to 7 years.

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) road projects involve a process of grinding and reclaiming the old road surface, injecting an asphalt emulsion and recompacting it in place to serve as a new sub-base. The roads are then overlaid with hot-mix asphalt or layers of oil and stone, depending on the traffic volumes. This process adds 12-15 years of life with routine maintenance.

Surface treatments such as oil and stone rejuvenate the roadway with new asphalt emulsion and a layer of stone, sealing the surface against water intrusion, and adding some structural life to the road. Oil and stone treatments add 4-7 years of life to the roadway. Slurry Seal roads are first repaired in failure areas, and then coated with a slurry seal, a product made up of asphalt emulsion, Portland cement, fly-ash, and small aggregate. Slurry Seal serves to seal the roadway against water intrusion and extends the life by 3-4 years. Micro-paving is a latex-modified overlay composed of selected mineral aggregates, latex-modified asphalt emulsions, mineral fillers, set control additives and water. Micro-paving provides additional skid-resistance and seals the roadway against water intrusion, providing an additional 4-5 years of life.

Work is already underway at several locations. Chemung County’s Department of Public Works also plans to complete patching and repairs of other roadways throughout the County. Our planned work is subject to change based on weather, equipment, and funding.

As always, please drive carefully through work zones, and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Please call the DPW at (607) 739-3896 with any questions.

2016 Chemung County DPW Work Program

Bridge and Culvert Capital Improvements Program
3331920 – Leach Hill Road – Bridge Replacement (Project underway)
3357800 – Pine Valley Road – Bridge Replacement (Project to begin late summer)
Pine Valley Road – Box Culvert Replacement (Town of Catlin- Project to begin late summer)
CR35 – Chambers Road – Pipe Culvert #32 (Project completed)
CR35 – Chambers Road – Box Culvert #30 (Project completed)
CR61 - Hillcrest Road – Box Culvert #12 (Project to begin late summer)

Surface Treatments (Oil and Stone, Slurry Seal, or Micropaving) – Late Summer Work
CR04 – Marsh Road – CR41 to CR03 (Spot Repairs Plus O&S)
CR31 – Mt Zoar Road – End to City Line (Spot Repairs Plus O&S)
CR06 – Middle Road – Roemmelt to Smith (O&S)
CR48 – McDuffy Road – SR224 to Langford (O&S)
CR13 – Langford Creek Road – Briggs Hill to Tompkins County Line (O&S)
CR36 – Dutch Hill Road – Sagetown to Antes (O&S)
CR28 – Main Street (Southport) – SR427 to City Line (SS)
CR69 – Pennsylvania Avenue – CR79 to City Line (SS)
CR85 – Maple Avenue – SR427 to City Line (SS)
CR79 – Broadway – Bulkhead to City Line (MP)
CR21 – Wygant Road – Railroad Crossing to Old Ithaca (MP)

Highway Paving and Resurfacing Program (Full Depth Reclamation, Hot Mix, Mill & Fill)
                                   *July to August Work*
CR62 – Main Street – SR224 to CR13 (FDR + Hot Mix Asphalt Surfacing) - Village of Van Etten
CR64 – Big Flats Road – Harris Hill to Wells Bridge (M/F)
CR72 – Bancroft Road – West Hill To Davis (M/F)
CR75 – Arnot Road – Chambers To Colonial (M/F)
CR15 – E. Sullivanville Road – SR13 to Schuyler County Line (FDR + Hot Mix Asphalt Surfacing)
CR16 – Jackson Creek Road – Halloran to End of County Road (FDR + O&S)
CR41 – Federal Road – CR01 to Marsh (FDR + O&S)

Drainage Projects
CR01 – Church Street – Breesport – Late summer/Early fall
CR15 – E. Sullivanville Road – CR15A to County Line – In progress
CR33 – Harris Hill Road – CR64 to CR55 – Late summer

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