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Keeping City Streets Clean
Release from the City of Elmira DPW

Elmira -The City of Elmira Department of Public Works’ mission is to provide and maintain a safe and effective highway system for the traveling public.  To this end, we ask that residents do not place, blow, or otherwise move material into or on a City street.  Keeping City streets clean is a priority for the DPW, but not one that comes without expense and time.  Each street sweeper you see on the road costs nearly $250,000 to purchase, and has a short life compared to haul trucks.  Excess wear and tear on the street sweepers occurs when the equipment must pick up more material than the design allows.  Further, materials left in the curb line may build up, reduce the effectiveness of conveyance and drainage facilities, plug storm lines or drywells, and cause localized flooding.   Out of necessity, City of Elmira ordinance prohibits the placing or sweeping of cinders, sand, grass, and other debris into any drainage structure or curb line. 

Per § 20-6 of the City’s Code of Ordinances (Refuse not to be deposited in streets), no person shall:

(1) Deposit, place or scatter ashes, leaves or wastepaper or other refuse of any kind in or upon any street, sidewalk or alley in the city; or
(2) In or upon any such street, sidewalk or alley burn any leaves, wastepaper or refuse of any kind.

In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, regulates point source discharges of pollutants to storm water systems, including roadside ditches and curb lines.  Fines can be issued to the responsible parties by the New York State Environmental Conservation Police.

We understand the importance and time-consuming nature of property maintenance; if during the course of yard work materials wind up in the street, we ask only that you clean it up promptly to avoid disturbances to the public and the City’s drainage systems. 


Compost Program

This program is designed to reduce costs, while also reducing the stream of natural materials to the Chemung County Landfill.

1.     The compost facility is located at the City Yards, Department of Public Works, south staging area.
2.     Any City resident can drop off leaves at the facility at no cost.
3.     The facility is open every day of the week.  Cameras have been installed to monitor illegal dumping.
4.     Commercial contractor’s leaves cannot be dropped at the facility.
5.     Residents can pick up prepared compost for free. (Compost from last year is ready.)

Dial-A-Truck Program

For a fee of $40.00, a 6-wheel dump truck can be delivered to your property.  You may fill this with yard waste (organic debris only).  Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (607) 737-5672 for more information.

Pickup of Bagged Yard Waste has been Discontinued

1.     It is a violation for most landfills in the state, including the Chemung County Landfill, to accept yard waste, including bagged leaves and grass.
2.     The Chemung County Landfill is subject to New York State DEC fines and penalties for accepting this material.
3.     A waste hauler may be fined by the landfill and/or have his contract suspended.

LOCAL WEB RESOURCES (Trees and Composting)

1.     Street Trees:
2.     Dial-A-Truck:
3.     Residential Composting:  /index.asp?pageId=453

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